Take That have a more "natural" approach to choreography these days.

The 1990s boyband - which currently consists of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen and formerly featured Robbie Williams and Jason Orange - have just released new single 'Windows' but explained that these days, their choreography needs to be about what "feels right" to them instead of how it was done in the early years.

Mark told The Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "What I really love about where we are now is that Howard and Jason choreographed those iconic routines like 'Pray Sure', 'It Only Takes a Minute' in the early days - as we've got older, the choreography is more about what feels right. We put on a song and move about to it and it naturally takes a direction. That's how we work our choreography now. "

Meanwhile, Howard went onto joke that despite their age, they still love performing for the crowds and joked that even Gary - who penned most of the group's back catalogue and went on to release six albums as a solo artist - even gets in on the action despite always telling his bandmates that he does not want to dance.

He said: "We might be getting old but we love dancing on stage, and there's no better feeling than coming off stage sweating. You know, we've had a proper workout and we're out of breath. Our audience do the routines back to us. Gary says he never wants to dance, but the next day he remembers the whole thing!"

The 'Shine' hitmakers will six to eight-week rehearsals ahead of their 2024 arena tour and Gary - who overhauled his lifestyle to lose the five stone he had gained after the band split in 1996 - lifestyle recently explained that he manages the workload because he comes from a generation who worked out to shed the pounds.

Asked how they prepare for tours these days, Gary, 52, told The Daily Mirror newspaper: “Move and get outside – that’s what my dad used to say. I’ve tried ­everything, I really have. I come from a generation that works out when we’re overweight, but I don’t think like that anymore.

"We set aside six to eight weeks before the tour starts for rehearsals – that is our workout for what’s coming."

Take That kick off their ‘This Life On Tour’ run in Sheffield with two gigs at the Utilita Arena on April 13 and 14.