Gary Barlow might be raging at 'X Factor' at the moment, but he'll have a chance to get his own back on Simon Cowell by appearing in the new Postman Pat film - sort of. In an interview with the Daily Star over the weekend, the Take That man came out in an astonishing attack on his current employers, admitting that he almost quit after the recent fix scandal that saw Louis Walsh save novelty act Rylan Clarke instead of country singer Carolynne Poole.

Now Barlow will be singing in front of Cowell, or "an oily, smarmy" version of him called Simon Cowbell in the film as the famous post man. For the rest of the movie the role of Pat will be played by former 'Green Wing' star Stephen Mangan. Mangan commented "There are songs like 'Wait A Minute Mr Postman' and 'Signed, Sealed Delivered.'" He also said "I was so excited when I got that job. I said to my five year old son Harry: 'I'm Postman Pat,' and he said: 'No you're not'" before quipping "Still, therapy will sort that out!"

Barlow was less light hearted when talking to the Star about 'X Factor'. "Straight away after what happened last week I thought I don't want to do this -any more" he fumed. "I just thought 'this isn't the way I imagined it to be."