Gary Barlow "hates Mr Blobby".

The 50-year-old singer has never forgiven the novelty character for beating Take That to the Christmas number one spot on the UK charts in 1993 and says he still hates Mr Blobby.

Gary fumed on Magic Radio: “There’s very few things I hate but that Blobby – I hate him. He’s ridiculous. Kids don’t like him. He scares people. He’s horrible. I hate him. And he robbed us – he robbed us!"

The character Mr Blobby originally featured on Noel Edmonds' Saturday night variety BBC One television show 'Noel's House Party' and Noel previously revealed Gary's anger over the chart battle.

He said: "Mr B was hugely successful with his number one record… That really p***** off Gary Barlow, I tell you.”

However, during Alan Carr’s 'Chatty Man' Christmas Special in 2016, Gary got his revenge as he engaged in a brawl with Blobby and dragged him off stage.

Introducing Blobby, Carr said: "Sadly, Mark Owen can’t be here tonight but we are joined by the man who beat you to number one… It’s Mr Blobby!”

And following the fight, Gary stated: "19 years I have waited for that!"