Gary Barlow made an unusual confession on Twitter, Saturday, admitting he hasn't washed his hair in 14 years!

Gary’s revelation was, unsurprisingly, met with many questions from fans, most of which have gone unanswered by the ‘Let it Shine’ judge.

Gary BarlowGary Barlow just washed his hair for the first time in 14 years

On Saturday Gary tweeted: “It's such an important day I've washed my hair ! First time in ....... 14 years ! #nojoke." One fan responded by asking the singer ‘was the water brown,’ to which Gary responded ‘not at all’.

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Others used his confession as an opportunity to mock Gary’s barnet. ‘What hair?’, asked one user, who Gary then called a ‘cheeky beggar'. Another quipped: ‘I thought the wig maker would do that.’

One tweeter even harked back to Gary’s Take That heyday, where he once sported a questionable bleached do. ‘U should dye it blonde again,’ Gary was told by a fan, to which he responded, ‘not enough left.’

The ‘important day’ which warranted Gary’s long overdue hair washing, was the opening of his new West End musical The Girls, based on the hit 2003 film Calendar Girls.

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Tweeting his excitement over the musicals opening at London's Phoenix Theatre, Gary told fans: ‘5 years ago this journey began and now we're here #westend.’ The musical features original songs penned by Gary alongside writer Tim Firth.