Gary Barlow thinks Brad Pitt should play him in Take That's movie, 'Greatest Days'.

The new film - which is based off the musical, 'The Band' - focuses on the life of fangirls as they follow a band, with the songs from Take That featuring throughout.

He quipped to Variety: ''It would have to be Brad Pitt, who played me. They have to match my looks, right? I'm kidding. The women characters are the focus. It's about the people sitting watching, who have supported us and how the music's been part of their lives.''

Last month, it was confirmed 'The Band' was being turned into a movie, with producers said to be on the hunt for ''high calibre'' actors to star in the motion picture.

Danny Perkins, chief executive of the Elysian Film Group in London, said: ''We're putting it together, and once all the serious things settle down, we can get on with making it.''

Take That band members Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen and Howard Donald will executive produce the film, just as they did 'The Band'.

The musical, written by Tim Firth, began touring in 2017 and told the story of five teen schoolgirls who were obsessed with a boy band in the early 90s.

Firth said: ''A tragedy happens, then we jump forward 25 years to see the women those girls became and they realise they were fools to have been apart for so long. It's about friendship and the power of the songs they loved. The band and the bits are secondary; it's about the fans who loved them.''

Coky Giedroyc is to direct the movie, and it will include a number of Take That hits, such as 'Could It Be Magic' and 'Relight My Fire'.

In November 2018, Take That revealed they were planning make a film in 2019.

Gary explained: ''We are going to make a film of our musical 'The Band' next year, we are all signed off on that now. Tim Firth is doing the film script and we are going to shoot next summer. Again we can get involved with the music and that will keep us busy after the tour next year.''