Gary Barlow doesn’t think Take That will reconvene until 2023.

The ‘Patience’ group – which also includes Howard Donald and Mark Owen – are currently taking a “little chunk of time away” but they are keen to make new music, though the 49-year-old star doesn’t expect they’ll do much together until the release of ‘The Greatest Days’, a movie based on the band.

Asked about the possibility of a new Take That album, Gary said: “Everyone at the end of the last tour wanted to, but we've been on this treadmill of album/tour every two years for about 14 years an everyone really wanted a little chunk of time away.

"So, I'm trying to be respectful but I just can't do that personally. "I like writing, producing, touring - so I need to do my own thing.

"But maybe in 2023, because we have this movie that's being shot next year called 'The Greatest Days' and I'm hoping when it's released we can kind of tour off the back of it.”

Gary – who has just released new solo LP ‘Music Played by Humans’ - joked the “best thing” about the movie will be the fact he won’t have to do anything more on screen than make a brief cameo.

Speaking to Heat magazine, he said: “Our stage show, 'The Band', was spotted by a film company about

a year ago. They're going to shoot it in England and Italy next year so it's properly coming. And the best thing is, I'm not in it. "I think we may get a cameo role somewhere near the end, but that will be it."