Gary Barlow's flight had to be diverted mid-air after a passenger fell ill.

The Take That star was flying to South Africa from London when somebody became so unwell the aircraft had to turn around and go back to its starting destination.

Gary tweeted: ''Flew to South Africa last night. Had an ill passenger on board. Just landed back in London #tryagaintonight (sic)''

When he was asked by one of his followers how long he was on the flight for, Gary replied: ''3hrs and then 3hrs back. (sic)''

He later wrote: ''Over the next 5 weeks I'm doing 14 flights. Not a good start ! #nextstopfryup (sic)''

Gary has not had much luck with air travel in the past.

In 1996, he was on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Los Angeles when it made an emergency landing at Canada's Iqaluit airport after a passenger had a heart attack.

The landing was executed safely one of the aircraft's engines hit a fuel pump on the tarmac as it was taxiing, causing serious damage to the aircraft and a potentially Dangerous fuel spill. After spending 16 hours in a local curling rink, the 397 stranded passengers were taken to New York to catch connecting flights to Los Angeles.

And last year, the Take That's tour plane was reportedly struck by lightning during a storm when they were on their way to Milan, Italy.