Gary Barlow talks to Robbie Williams "most days".

The former Take That bandmates didn't speak for years after the 'Angels' hitmaker quit the group in 1995 due to their rivalry, but they patched up their differences ahead of their 2010 collaboration 'Shame', which was followed by Robbie rejoining the band, and though he only returned for their 'Progress' album and tour, the pair have stayed "close".

Reflecting on their relationship, Gary is quoted by The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column as saying: "We've had our moments in time where we weren't talking to each other but luckily for us the story got a happy ending.

"We all did a record together in 2010, we went on tour together. I speak to him most days.

"If I'm honest, he's one of my close friends."

And the 53-year-old singer will always be thankful for his "brothers", Take That bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald.

He added: "Mark and Howard, these are the best people you're ever going to meet.

"They've been my brothers since 1990, I've known them longer than I've known my wife.

"We're just having the best time travelling the world, singing songs and having a great time."

Last year, Robbie released a four-part Netflix docuseries, in which he offered an apology for his feud with Gary.

But the 'Forever Love' hitmaker insisted it wasn't a "new thing" for him as they had resolved their differences some time ago, and the heart-to-heart discussions they had then meant more to him.

He said: “His apology came in 2010, so it’s not a new thing for me. And coming from the human’s mouth is more important.

“A lot of the things I hear are in the documentary, I’ve heard from him directly. So 2010 was an important period for all of us.

"To say, ‘Hey, come on, we did some good here, let’s not have it as a bad memory’. That’s how we look back on it. We try to take the good stuff from it.”