Gary Barlow's 'Finding Neverland' has taken £6.7 million in advance sales.

The 44-year-old singing star's new Broadway show has been widely panned by critics since its opening, but has still performed impressively at the box office and co-songwriter Eliot Kennedy has backed it to be a long-term success.

He explained: ''Well, the critics hate Finding Neverland - which probably means we have a hit and will run for years. Brilliant.''

Earlier this week, Gary suggested he is on the ''brink'' of success in America.

The Take That frontman, who penned the score for the new show, said that while he failed to crack the US at the height of his Take That career, he now feels well-placed to do so.

He admitted: ''I think I'm now on the brink of success in America. It's come to me, I haven't chased it. I haven't been lying in bed, thinking, 'I've got to crack America.'

''I did in the 90s, but I honestly haven't considered it since. It's fallen at my feet.''

Despite his best efforts, Gary acknowledged he never came close to breaking the US market.

He recalled: ''I tried hard when I went solo after Take That split. 'Back For Good' was a hit here and I was signed to RCA Records.

''I did a nine-month radio tour, I gave it a real go. I had two albums but we never got close.''