Gary Barlow thinks he has ''extreme'' style.

The Take that frontman - whose weight has yo-yoed in the past - admits he changes what he likes to wear on a regular basis but is just as comfortable in a tracksuit as he is a three-piece suit.

He said: ''My style is extreme. Sometimes extremely good, sometimes extremely bad. Some days I go from being at home in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt to getting dressed in a three-piece suit with a tie and a tie clip - so it's extreme.''

Now that Gary is skinny, he admits clothes fit him better and he finds he enjoy shopping more.

He told Attitude magazine: ''One of the brilliant things of being at an ideal weight is that a wh0le new set of clothes is available to me now.

''Every designer has got something for you, whereas in the past there were only a couple of things I could get into. So it's like being in a sweet shop, really, for me now, and I really enjoy wearing the clothes and feeling good about what I'm wearing.''