Rylan Clark has confirmed what we all kind of knew to be true. His feud with Gary Barlow is all for the show and when the cameras stop rolling, Barlow is “lovely” to him. The immaculately-facial-haired wannabe pop star is doing a pretty good job of deconstructing the fragile mythology surrounding X Factor and all of the drama that supposedly goes on between the judges and the contestants and talking to ITN News, he’s rubber-stamped our suspicions about Barlow’s apparent disdain for the weak-voiced one.

When asked if Gary Barlow picks on any of the contestants, Rylan said “Barlow’s fine… I love Gary, I think Gary’s lovely… do you know what, tensions get so high in that studio, honestly, it’s like, every judge for their act… it’s banter-Barlow off-stage.” Still, whether it’s genuine or not, those snarky comments between Gary and Rylan are probably still the most entertaining part of the programmes, so far.

Rylan was speaking to ITN at the launch of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s new fashion range for Dorothy Perkins, which was unveiled at London’s Aqua nightclub last night (November 8, 2012). The X Factor finalists were all on hand to support reality TV stars Kim and Kourtney and The Daily Mail have shown all of them posing for photos with the two glamorous sisters. Liverpudlian cheeseball Christopher Malone even managed not to break down and cry at the enormity of the situation. Well done Chris!