Everyone in Hollywood seems to be in high spirits this week, especially Garth Brooks, who used his appearance on The Ellen Show yesterday (Friday) to talk about his marital harmony with Trisha Yearwood. The two recently recorded a remake of “After the Fire Is Gone” – rather unfitting for their own relationship.

Garth Brooks, Grammys
Brooks and Yearwood's romance dates back a lot longer, but they didn't get married until just eight years ago.

The song will be featured on Brooks’ new box set, currently out in stores. The now-couple met back in 1987, but they didn’t get married until eight years ago. Back in the 80s, Brooks was with his wife and college sweetheart, Sandy Mahl. However, the country crooner recounts that his connection with Yearwood was almost instant.

“Can’t believe I’m gonna do this,” an adorably flustered Garth warned before telling the story. “It’s strange, because I felt that feeling you get when you meet your wife, but I’d been married for 13 months. ”

Trisha Yearwood, CMT Music Awards
Brooks recalls an instant connection between Yearwood and himself.

“There comes that time when you’re looking at the rest of your life thinking how do you wanna live it, Garth continues. ""And this was somebody that I always enjoyed being around and we had a lot more in common than I ever dreamed we did. So we started seeing each other after the divorce.” 

Now, the two are as blissfully in love as ever. Apparently sometimes, the second time's the charm.

Brooks continues the story in the video below.