Gareth Gates appearance on This Morning today had the host, Holly Willoughby in tears (February 27, 2012). Gareth was on the show talking about a new Bbc3 documentary about stammering. The former Pop Idol star was joined by another of the documentary's stars, Simon Robinson and explained to Holly and her co-presenter Philip Schofield about the techniques involved in overcoming a stammer.
Gareth Gates famously found solace in singing, having suffered with a stammer since the age of four but now uses the Maguire technique to overcome the problems that have prevented him from speaking freely. And when Simon tells Holly that his goal was to beat his stammer in time for his wedding, so that he could say his vows to his fiancee on their wedding day. At this point, Simon's emotional story became too much for Holly, who shed a tear or two and prompted Schofield to check that she was alright.
Gareth also told Holly and Philip about some of the problems that he has faced, having a stammer, saying that he often felt that it prevented him from expressing his personality in social situations: "you're not able to be that funny, witty person in a social environment" he explained "when your speech is not that great." He added "In a restaurant or bar, we'd rather order a drink that we can say rather than one we want." The show, Stop My Stutter will be aired on Bbc3 tonight at 9pm