Sony release a high voltage street racer married nicely with some light hearted Kung Fu action. Kung Fu Rider takes advantage of the new PlayStation Move motion controller as well as the PlayStation Eye camera for a super interactive experience.

Kung Fu Rider sends you on a wild ride through the busy streets of Hong Kong. Taking on the role of private detective Toby or his assistant Karin, you find yourself on the outs with the mob. When Toby and Karin are confronted by mobsters at their detective agency, you have no choice but to grab your office chair, hold on tight and slide through the streets in order to make a daring escape. Utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller, you must steer, jump, dash and power dash through the city while avoiding obstacles and evading attacks in this comical and fast-paced action arcade game.

Toby and Karin need to find the best routes of escape while racing through 27 exciting courses in six unique areas of Hong Kong. Either slide solo in single-player mode or have a friend use a PlayStation Move motion controller to aim a "target" around the screen in order to collect items and fend off enemies in the offline multi-player 'co-op play' mode.

Along the way you can Unlock 12 new vehicles that will help you make a speedy getaway through the streets of Hong Kong.

You can also check out the tally screen at the end of each race to see your reactions captured by the PlayStation Eye camera during your most extreme wipeouts.

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC

Developer: SCE Japan Studio

Platform: PlayStation©3 (PS3TM) system

Genre: Action Arcade Game

Players: 1-2 Players

Release: September 2010

Rating: "RP"

Compatible Peripherals:

(1-2) PlayStation Move motion controllers,

PlayStation Eye camera