Capcom's, much loved, "Chop 'til you Drop' Zombie action title Dead Rising returns on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The original Dead Rising title saw Frank West hack his way through a small town shopping mall, Day of the Dead style. Now in Dead Rising 2 the zombies have taken over America's new capital of entertainment, Fortune City.

Chuck Greene, motivated by saving his young daughters life, needs your help to carve his way down Fortune City's zombie infested strip.

One of the great things about the Dead Rising combat system is anything that you can pick up can be used as a weapon which fit in brilliantly with the shopping mall theme of the first title. Now in Dead Rising 2 the variety of "pick up and use" weapons is far greater and the City's Casinos, bars and shops provide imaginative and sometimes comical new weaponry.

As well as the pick up and use weaponry Dead Rising 2 takes combat even further with some totally unique weapons that are perfect for splatting zombies! First up is the paddle saw a rather messy but fun weapon that is two chain saws attached to a long paddle stick the other is known as the bucket drill and kind of speaks for itself.

When it comes to the multi-player part of this game the developer, Blue Castle Games, have taken the multi-mode and run with it. Chuck finds himself competing in the zombie gladiator TV show "Terror is Reality" where players take on arenas of zombies for points and prizes.

All in all this title looks to have taken a great premise and used creative ideas to build on the best. We can't wait to get slashing.