Wonder Woman displays the extent of her powers in the new trailer for the film, which delves into Diana Prince's desire to end the War and hints at a terrible personal tragedy. It's set to be one of the most important upcoming DC films yet, apart from perhaps 'Justice League'.

Wonder WomanWonder Woman hits theatres in June 2017

We learnt in the 'Wonder Woman' Comic-Con teaser that Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) was a goddess who had never seen a man before, but nonetheless left with US Army pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) to help him fight World War II when he washed up on the shores of her Amazonian island. We saw soldiers invade her island and the Amazons fighting back, Diana in her armoured costume using her Lasso of Truth and later crossing No Man's Land like a boss. 

Watch the trailer for 'Wonder Woman' here:


The new trailer explores her integration into regular human society a little more and learning just what kind of threats she's up against - though it seems wearing a dress is the main torment she's facing. 'How can a woman possibly fight in this?' She exclaims. We also see just how powerful her magical wrist cuffs are, bouncing bullets off them like marshmallows, and a possible tragedy when one of her fellow Amazons throws herself into the path of a flying bullet.

The film has been directed by Patty Jenkins ('Monster') with a screenplay by Allan Heinberg ('Grey's Anatomy') and Geoff Johns ('The Flash'), the latter of whom is also working on scripts for Ben Affleck's 'The Batman', James Wan's 'Aquaman' and the recently announced 'Shazam!'.

Starring alongside Gadot and Pine in the movie are Robin Wrightas General Antiope, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta and Lucy Davis as Trevor's loyal secretary Etta Candy. Gadot will return as Wonder Woman in 'Justice League' which is set for release in November next year.

'Wonder Woman' is set for release in the US on June 2nd 2017.