Just when we thought it wasn't possible to love Gal Gadot any more than we already do, she appeared as the guest host on 'Saturday Night Live' and absolutely smashed it. A blockbuster actress who doesn't take herself too seriously, the 'Wonder Woman' star was ready to make a mockery of her leading role.

Gal Gadot at Wonder Woman LA premiereGal Gadot at Wonder Woman LA premiere

In a sketch set against the backdrop of Diana Prince's home nation Themyscira, the cast of 'SNL' - including Leslie Jones, Melissa Villaseñor and Heidi Gardner - don Amazonian warrior attire and prepare 32-year-old Gal for battle. However, they are soon joined by lesbians Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon whose sailboat docks at the island. And that's when things got hilariously out of hand.

'I guess we'll cut to the chase. Show of hands: Who all here's a les?' An androgynously dressed Kate asks the group of baffled Themyscirans. 'Is it everyone or do we have a couple of allies?'

Aidy (as Megan) eyes Gal (as Diana Prince), suggesting that she'd 'love to see that hand go up'. After all, it's an island of women - are they really expecting us to believe they just spend their time fighting each other and braiding hair?

But, alas, Diana insists that while she finds her friends' bodies 'beautiful', she only sees them as pillars of 'strength and power'. However, she takes pity on their visitors and suggests that she kiss one of them and see if they can change her mind.

'We're not guinea pigs, ok? We're not here for you to experiment on', Kate's character replies. 'Unless you feel strongly about it... It's useless for us to try to fight you off so I guess just pick one of us. I dunno... I'll do it.'

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And then follows probably one of Gal's most passionate onscreen kisses in her career, before: 'I'm sorry, I feel nothing.'

Damn - is that officially Gal Gadot putting an end to the 'Queer Wonder Woman' rumours once and for all?