One of this year's biggest successes in cinema is DC Extended Universe release, 'Wonder Woman'. Led by Gal Gadot and directed by the brilliant Patty Jenkins, the film was the first female-directed superhero flick EVER, and grossed over $800 million worldwide during its movie theatre run.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot star in 'Wonder Woman'Chris Pine and Gal Gadot star in 'Wonder Woman'

Not only a commercial success, the film has been a critical darling and inspired thousands across the globe thanks to its brilliant lead character. Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman is certainly one of the most misunderstood DC Comics characters of all time, so to see her really allowed to shine here was something beautiful.

Gadot herself has recently been speaking out about why she thinks Wonder Woman is such a great character, and even admits to being able to relate to the hero, despite not having her super powers.

Speaking on the special features of the film's upcoming home release, the actress explains: "What I love about this character is she’s not perfect. She allows herself to show her flaws. She’s this open character. So I think this is something that I relate to. I’m a person who’s very open. I love people. I wouldn’t say that I enjoy showing my flaws but I don’t mind showing my weaknesses to the outside world because each and every one of us has their own weaknesses and flaws. So for me it’s natural, and the more we feel comfortable with it the more lovely it is."

Despite being such a breath of fresh air for the majority, Wonder Woman didn't manage to impress director James Cameron, who criticised the film and said that it objectifies women, with the titular character being a "step backwards" for women. He went on to say the character Sarah Connor, from his directed movie 'Terminator: Judgement Day' was a better feminist icon.

Jenkins hit back and said that powerful women come in all forms, and the majority of those who have weighed in on the conversation tend to agree. With or without Cameron's approval, Wonder Woman is going to continue to inspire many of those who see her. Exciting for sure, especially when there's a sequel on the way...

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'Wonder Woman' comes to home release on Blu-ray and DVD on September 19.