Gal Gadot accepts she can't ''please them all''.

The 30-year-old actress, who stars as Wonder Woman in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', has admitted that her portrayal of the iconic character is unlikely to be universally popular.

She said: ''No matter what you do, you can never please them all.

''People will always have something to say because that's the way people are. And it's okay. But for me, it's my job. It's my career. It's my art.''

Gal said she hopes her performance will act as a source of inspiration, but acknowledged it will be a collaborative effort.

She told Interview magazine: ''Whatever I do, I take it very seriously and I do my research and I give it my best. I just want to be able to shine and inspire people.

''And it's not just about me. It's the script and the story and the acting. I hope people are going to love it.''

Earlier this month, comic book writer Grant Morrison said director Zack Snyder's version of Wonder Woman betrays the character's roots.

Grant said he didn't want his 'Wonder Woman: Earth One' graphic novel to do the ''warrior woman thing'' with the character, like the Snyder-directed 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' movie appears set to.

He said: ''I can understand why they're doing it, I get all that, but that's not what [Wonder Woman creator] William Marston wanted, that's not what he wanted at all!

''You see the latest shots of Gal Gadot in the costume, and it's all sword and shield and her snarling at the camera. Marston's Diana was a doctor, a healer, a scientist.

''So I went back to those roots and just built it up again.''