Gal Gadot wants to feel ''more grounded'' the more successful she gets.

The 'Wonder Woman' star says her main focus is ''family'' - including Maya, three, and Alma, eight, with her husband Jaron Varsano - and whenever she finds her career taking off, she likes to anchor herself to home even more.

She said: ''When I was told I got the part in 'Wonder Woman', I had just landed in New York, and I was at the airport. And the first phone call I made was to Jaron. And we were both super happy and shouting and screaming, and then I told him toward the end of the conversation, 'After I shoot the movie? I want us to have another baby.' And then when I got home to Los Angeles, he said, 'That was such an interesting comment.' And I said, 'Why?' And he said, 'You're funny because, like, the higher you get, the more...' If you imagine a kite, right? If it flows really well? My instinct is to tie the string to the ground. It's hard for me to translate because we were having that conversation in Hebrew. But it's like the more successful I get, the more I want to plant my roots in and make sure everything is balanced and still focused on the important things in life, which, for me, is family.''

And the 34-year-old actress has a lot of ambition but wouldn't describe herself as ''elbowy'', and says she is a ''big believer in karma''.

Speaking to the May 2020 issue of Vogue magazine, she added: ''Yeah, I'm pretty ambitious. I'm not elbowy ... if you say that here. But I'm a big believer in karma, and if it's mine it's mine, and if it's not it's not. I'm not fighting for things. But when I'm there, when I'm facing the opportunity, I'm completely onboard. I definitely make sure to be prepared, to do the work, to come in 100 percent and go for it.''