Gal Gadot says she thinks about 'Wonder Woman' in real life.

The 35-year-old actress plays the DC Comics superhero in the 2017 movie and its sequel and she admits she regularly thinks about her superhero alter ego in everyday situations.

Asked how playing the character has affected her personally, she said: ''Wow. That's a huge question. It's been an amazing journey that I never could have anticipated, and I've enjoyed every moment of bringing this character to life. But I will say that when I was told I was going to have my own movie, I was super nervous. I'd never been the title. It was important for me to bring something good to the world and to bring a character that matters. I felt like the little girl looking at Mount Kilimanjaro and not sure how she's going to climb it. But Patty and Chris and I became family and this character became second nature to me. I actually think about the character in things that I do in my real life. I think about whether something is appropriate for Wonder Woman. She's become a big part of me.''

And Gal hopes to continue portraying the superhero for years to come so she can bring ''light and positivity'' in these dark times.

Speaking to Parade magazine, she added: ''I would do anything to keep bringing her stories to the big screen and to everyone. Patty and I are completely on the same page.

''Her vision is completely in line with what I want to do. We want to bring some good things to the world. We're in such dark times, and it's important to shine some light and positivity.''