Gal Gadot made a household name for herself when she starred in the titular role of last year's smash hit DC Extended Universe film 'Wonder Woman', combining her brilliant performance with fantastic direction from filmmaker Patty Jenkins and proving that women can do just as much as men, and perhaps even more when it comes to superhero box office hits. Having debuted in 2016's 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', she had shown off her skill, but took it to another level in her solo flick.

Gal Gadot has the perfect reasoning for not responding to James CameronGal Gadot has the perfect reasoning for not responding to James Cameron

The majority of the public were instant fans. They praised Gadot's energy and brilliance in bringing the DC comics character to life, and the film even became Rotten Tomatoes' highest rated superhero movie ever. With such stiff competition, that was certainly something to shout about. One prolific filmmaker however let his negative feelings about the film be known.

James Cameron stepped into the spotlight after the movie's release, claiming 'Wonder Woman' was a "step backwards" for women in the industry, and suggesting that the character was objectified rather than celebrated. Gadot refused to respond to the comments.

Asked by EW why she didn't speak out about the negative response from Cameron at the time, the actress explained: "Because I didn’t want to give him the stage. First of all, I’m a big fan of his work. His movies are great. He was very innovative in many things that he did, and I’ve got nothing but great things to say about the creative and professional side of his work. When it happened, the timing of when it happened, he was promoting another movie of his. It was like he was looking for publicity and I just didn’t want to give him the stage."

Gadot isn't wrong in saying Cameron was promoting his own work. At the time, he was on the press trail for the re-release of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day', so to hear her reasoning for not wanting to give him a platform based in negativity is certainly understandable. Everybody is allowed their opinion, so for Gadot not to want to get involved in a back-and-forth at the time seems to have been the best course of action.

For us however, we just can't wait to see her return to the 'Wonder Woman' role once more. With Jenkins once again behind the camera, we imagine the sequel will be just as brilliant as the original film.

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We'll bring you more news on 'Wonder Woman 2' and the rest of the DCEU as and when we get it.