Gael Garcia Bernal has called for drugs to be legalised.

The Mexican actor says the trade of illegal substances is the cause of the majority of problems in his home country and believes if they were decriminalised it would reduce crime.

The 'Motorcycle Diaries' star said: "Drugs are illegal - therefore, there's a fight. I hope drugs become legalised in Mexico. If drugs were legal, there would be nothing to fight about."

Gael is not the only actor to call for drugs to be legalised.

Earlier this year, Rhys Ifans admitted he considers marijuana a "beneficial herb" and is adamant it should be freely available.

The Welsh actor - who is currently filming 'Mr. Nice', a biopic of notorious cannabis smuggler Howard Marks - said: "A lot of people like dope in Wales and Howard is its champion. The reason why he sold it is because he thinks, and I agree, that it's a beneficial herb.

"I feel marijuana should be legalised. Not so that people get high all over the place, but so it can be controlled. Drugs have been legal longer than they have been illegal, and it's just hypocrisy to be able to sell alcohol to children while marijuana is illegal."