Gabrielle Union was warned it would be ''extremely challenging'' for her to get pregnant and carry a child.

The 47-year-old actress went through ''multiple'' rounds of fertility treatment before a doctor diagnosed her with adenomyosis - a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus breaks through the muscle wall and can affect the ovarian reserve, cause heavy and painful periods,as well as abdominal pressure and bloating - and advised her that she had a difficult road ahead.

Gabrielle - who has 21-month-old Kaavia with Dwyane - recalled: ''She just [was] honest for the first time that my road will be extremely challenging and the only way that I would be able to physically carry my baby myself is if I use this drug called Lupron.''

However, the 'Bring It On' star had reservations about the medication because a potential side effect was brittle bones.

Speaking on Katie Lowes' 'Katie's Crib' podcast, she said: ''I live an active lifestyle. The roles I'm playing are very active and it only gives you, I think it's like a 30 percent chance.

''Do I run the risk of causing greater harm to my body for a 30 percent chance?''

And it was Gabrielle's doctor who first suggested surrogacy, but the actress felt that would mean she'd failed and even considered trying the drug while filming, only for her spouse to cause her to think again.

She recalled: ''My husband was like, 'Babe, I want you.'

''I want you as much as you want this baby. I want you. Let's pump the brakes and think about this and make a family decision.'''

Ultimately, the couple opted for surrogacy and their daughter was born in November 2018.