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22nd October 2012

Quote: "I sit back sometimes and I just have to laugh - where do they shop to get balls that big? To be that confident? One time, an actress sitting with my ex-wife after watching the credits come up in a film, slapped her on the leg and said, 'Can I f**king act or what?'." Irish star Gabriel Byrne is stunned by the vanity of his fellow actors.

22nd May 2012

Fact: Irish actor Gabriel Byrne is to play a Viking king in a new TV drama created by the man behind The Tudors. The Usual Suspects star will lead the cast of Vikings for U.S. cable network The History Channel. Byrne will play former warrior Earl Haraldson in the period piece.

21st February 2011

Fact: The sons of actors Gabriel Byrne and Harrison Ford have formed a folk duo called THE DOUGH ROLLERS.

17th October 2010

Quote: "Some people think I am a real therapist and I have to tell them really I'm a fake, pretending to be a therapist. And then real therapists come up to me and talk to me about their problems! I actually don't know the answer to anybody's problems, I don't even know the answer to mine!" Irish actor Gabriel Byrne is regularly subjected to other people's problems thanks to his role as a TV psychotherapist on IN TREATMENT.

15th October 2010

Quote: "I don't like to watch myself. It's done, it's done, it's finished. There's nothing you can do to improve it, you can't change it." The Usual Suspects star Gabriel Byrne refuses to sit through screenings of his own work.

1st May 2008

Quote: "I'd say Scott Baio, or Gabriel Byrne, depending on the angle." Robert Downey Jr. thinks his IRON MAN action figure looks more like a couple of other actors.

22nd March 2008

Fact: Actor Gabriel Byrne researched his role as a psychologist on U.S. TV drama IN TREATMENT by watching DVDs of veteran American chat show host Dick Cavett interviewing his guests.

12th July 2006

Quote: "Think about that. They both die in that movie ..." Kevin Spacey ridicules rumours that he will star alongside Gabriel Byrne and Benicio Del Toro in a sequel to THE USUAL SUSPECTS.

21st December 2005

Fact: <p>Irish actor Gabriel Byrne is showing off his photographing skills as part of a new charity exhibit at New York University's Gluckman House. The UNICEF show features photographs Byrne has taken of children around the world. </p>

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