Gabourey Sidibe's speech at the annual Gloria Awards on Thursday (1st May) was certainly impressive with the American Horror Story actress directly dealing with issues which plague many of us whether we're famous or not. Sidibe's speech considered confidence and how cruel comments can undermine or encourage a healthy sense of self worth.

Gabourey Sidibe
Gabourey Sidibe made her speech at the Gloria Awards.

Cookies formed the basis of her speech, as EW reports, and she described being inspired having made them at school. She claimed she realised she didn't want to limit herself, joking that she considering becoming the first black female president or a celebrity chef. She then discussed how her fellow school mates treated her stating "I really got so excited to bake that I had forgotten that everyone hated my guts. Why didn't they like me? I was fat, yes. I had darker skin and weird hair, yes. But the truth is, this isn't a story about bullying, or colour, or weight. They hated me because. I was an a**hole!"

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She claims this quality - of being "an a**hole"- is the reason for her self-confidence. Sidibe claimed that when people ask "How are you so confident?" She simple reason is that "I'm an a**hole!" She embellished her point, stating "It's my good time, and my good life, despite what you think of me. I live my life, because I dare. I dare to show up when everyone else might hide their faces and hide their bodies in shame. I show up because I'm an a**hole, and I want to have a good time."

On a more serious note she attributed her strength to her family and the unusual support of her parents, in addition to the cruel comments she has endured. Her parents seemingly did not understand her and struggled to provide the support she needed but it was something she drew strength from, realising her parents did love her but were unable to express their feelings.

Gabourey SidibeGabourey Sidibe claimed the unpleasant comments had had the reverse effect on her self-confidence.

On the subject of her family, Sidibe said "My mother and my father love me. They wanted the best life for me, and they didn't know how to verbalize it. And I get it. I really do. They were better parents to me than they had themselves. I'm grateful to them, and to my fifth grade class, because if they hadn't made me cry, I wouldn't be able to cry on cue now.  If I hadn't been told I was garbage, I wouldn't have learned how to show people I'm talented."

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This is not the first time Sidibe has addressed the unpleasant comments directed at her on social media. In January of this year a number of twitter users wrote unpleasant things following her appearance on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. The 30-year-old dealt with the comments with good humour and tweeted "To people making mean comments about my GG pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK"
However, her speech on Thursday has definitely made her position very clear, she has a healthy attitude towards herself and is justifiably proud of her accomplishments. The American Horror Story: Coven actress tweeted following her speech and stated "I'm very proud of myself tonight. More so than usual. I'm also very proud of where and more importantly, WHO I come from."