Review of Beg for Mercy Album by G Unit

G Unit

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G Unit - 'beg for mercy' Album review
G Unit would be 50 Cent's posse consisting of Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo. You would expect bling aspects, such as gun shots and hard talking rap but there is real depth to this album. This posse is fresh, tight and conscious . It's evident that they've experienced a lot but at the same time you can see that they have a plan and they slip in rhymes of a uplifting nature to pure hip hop heads. It reminds me of early Wu debuts and Mobb Deep but a little bit more pimp.

There are some really smooth tracks that are real lady-killers. Learn these rhymes and you'll be a true lover's man. The production is strong and very street. Some of the music is experimental but most of it is bouncy in the true hip hop sense. The Shady aftermath continues to go from strength to strength producing a truly refreshing album. Big up the G Unit.

Tareck Ghoneim

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