Review of Stunt 101 Single by G Unit

G Unit - Stunt 101
G Unit - Stunt 101 - Single Review

G Unit

Stunt 101

This is the first release from the G Unit album ‘Beg for Mercy.’ If you’re a fan of 50 Cent then you’ll be happy with this single. The production is interesting. It seems like it could have been done on an old Casio keyboard. There’s electronic sounding drum breaks, loads of handclaps, sweet hi-hats, an organ sound that plays a simple array of chords and a rolling deep, simple bass line that keeps it all together. This all amounts to a very original sound. The lyrical delivery is sharp. 50’s slurred continuous flow gives the track an infectious very real hip hop style. His G Unit posse, Lloyd Banks and Young Buc, also deliver very well. The track is completely bling and the catchy chorus should continue 50’s appeal to the mainstream. It’s genuine hip hop and is different but doesn’t blow you away.

Tareck Ghoneim

G Unit - Stunt 101 - Single Review