Review of Translations Album by Future Sound Of London

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7. Future Sound Of London Translations (Album - Jumpin & Pumpin)
Come on now. There is such a thing as overkill you know.
It seems more than a touch O.T.T. I mean, ok, so Papua New Guinea was one of the most amazing, ground breaking and influential tracks of its time (1992). In fact, even now, it hasnt lost any of its impact managing to sound as fresh and innovative as in its early days.
And undoubtedly its still getting hammered across many of the worlds dancefloors.
But surely, enough is enough.
Weve already had the varying rehashes, delivered in 12 form, over the past few months, but now we get the even further extended album version featuring seven extra rehashes of the one splendid original.
But. let me just swallow my words. Because, the idea may sound bloody awful but the end result is, actually, bloody good!
You wouldnt have though it possible for one group to create so many varied and interesting remixes of one track but they have. From the celestial majesty of Requiem to the cool jazz angles of The Big Blue and the funky The Lovers they can hold their heads high.
It is, in fact, an understatement to simply call these remixes. They are all very different and very brilliant tracks in their own right