In a statement released on Monday (14Sep15), the bandmembers revealed it was a "natural end" after 14 years together and they will be celebrating their career with one final round of gigs.

Frontman Matthew Davies-Kreye writes, "It's the natural end. We've done everything we set out to do and way more than I could ever have hoped so I'm not upset that it's run its course. We all felt that (2015 album) Chapter And Verse was a pretty decent full stop on an incredible 14 and half years of making music together.

"So, how do you celebrate a huge part of your life? You play some shows!"

The rockers will kick off their Last Chance to Dance farewell tour in Australia on 11 February (16) before heading to Germany and the U.K., with a final show in London on 16 April (16).

The band will play two gigs in each city they visit.

In a post on on Monday, the rockers captioned a poster announcing their farewell tour with the message, "Dear Friends. This is the end. Thank you all for everything. See you next year. Much Love. X".