Review of Your History Is Mine 2002-2009 Album by Funeral For A Friend

Review of Funeral For A Friend's album Your History Is Mine 2002-2009.

Funeral For A Friend Your History Is Mine 2002-2009 Album

I really, really, really hate arena rock. If a band is praised for sounding like an Arena band, it makes me terribly sad. It takes an incredible song to make the arena rock sound make any sense - and one Sunday Bloody Sunday is not worth 50 Vertigos, in my ever humble opinion. I can barely stomach Taking Back Sunday's new record, and as soon as birds started flying at the speed of sound, I started being sick in my mouth.

Hence, Your History Is Mine is an album that gets worse as it goes through. Don't get me wrong, I think epic can be good, so I'm going to say History is the cutoff point to when the quality drops. That said, a couple of the new songs are semi-decent - the first three are okay, but Captains Of Industry is really actually very good and sound like a band amalgamating the best of all of their work to date- the kind of thing a new greatest hits track should do (think RHCP's Fortune Faded).

In a horribly roundabout way, I like this album, but I like their first two full length records an awful lot more. This makes me wonder- why release this? They could have released the new tracks as an EP. Maybe it's label commitments, maybe they're just feeling a bit poor or maybe they're dipping a toe in the indefinite hiatus water - the 2002-2009 could be taken two ways. Like, here's what we've done so far, let's gather our thoughts and move on, or, here lies Funeral For A Friend, thanks. On the strength of the new tracks, I hope it's the former, but if they're going to release another Tales, I rescind that comment.

Conrad Hughes

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