Review of Chapter And Verse Album by Funeral For A Friend

Now, fourteen years into their career, it can be easy to forget the meteoric rise that Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend initially achieved, highlighted by a second stage headliner slot at the 2004 Reading Festival. Over a decade on and they're releasing their seventh album, which is currently being promoted with shows in the UK and mainland Europe.

Funeral For A Friend Chapter And Verse Album

By the time that FFAF hit their commercial peak with 2007's top three album 'Tales Don't Tell Themselves', their earlier hardcore sound had evolved into a more melodic and accessible style. With 'Chapter And Verse', they pitch for a compromise, but more often than not end up at the heavier end of the scale. Opening duo 'Stand By Me For The Millionth Time' and 'You've Got A Bad Case Of The Religions' are full-on audio assaults with the high impact vocals to match. 'You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself' should prove a hit at live events and '1%' sees them tone down the frantic noise, but the relenting of the high-octane output doesn't last long. 'Modern Excuse Of A Man' cranks proceedings up to a level that could make ears bleed, but thankfully ends under the two minute mark. 'Inequality' is better, but 'Donny' has the type of havoc that promotes moshing to somewhat indecipherable sounds. The decision to include an acoustic number, 'Brother', is strange in the context of the record and in honesty doesn't suit the style of vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye. It does, however, provide respite on a record which rarely takes the opportunity to catch breath, though the quality of output is certainly varied.


Alex Lai

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