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After Taylor Swift, Who Is Next To Sell A Million In A Week?

Taylor Swift Adele 5 Seconds of Summer Fun Eminem

It's pretty hard to believe what Taylor Swift has accomplished in just a short number of years. With her new album, 1989, it makes it her third record in a row that has sold over a million copies in its debut week (1.287 million, to be exact). Not to mention, it's also the only record of 2014 to surpass a million copies in the entire year. What she's doing is nearly unprecedented, but it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift won't be the last to sell a million in her debut week.

Those sales aren't slowing down, either. 1989's second week numbers reached a mark of 400,000 - a figure that would still be the highest debut of the year if it wasn't for her previous million already. You can come up with a million (or 1.287 million) reasons why this album has become so successful already, but one of the things that has to be realized is that 1989 isn't single handedly saving industry. If you look at the projected number two spot on the Billboard chart this week, it's the Now 52 compilation, which is only planning on selling a mediocre 60,000-70,000 copies.

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IHeartRadio Festival To Welcome Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars And Err, Queen

Justin Timberlake Bruno Mars Katy Perry Elton John Keith Urban Queen Brian May Adam Lambert Ryan Seacrest Muse Tiesto Chris Brown Fun Phoenix Maroon 5 Tim Mcgraw 30 Seconds to Mars Benny Benassi No Doubt Pink Usher Swedish House Mafia Billie Joe Armstrong Green Day Miley Cyrus Avril Lavigne Pete Tong Twenty One Pilots

Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry are among the names confirmed for the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas in September. The two-day festival, set to be held on September 20 and 21, will also feature performances from Elton John, Keith Urban and a special pairing of Queen (with Brian May) and the former American Idol star Adam Lambert.

The main festival line-up was announced on Monday morning (July 15, 2013) in a press conference hosted by Ryan Seacrest. A final schedule will be announced closer to the festival, though Timberlake, Perry, Elton and Bruno Mars are likely to be the marquee names. The likes of Muse, Tiesto, Chris Brown, Fun, Phoenix, Maroon 5, Tim Mcgraw, Ke&ha, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Benny Benassi are other high profile names to have been confirmed. 

Last year's festivals played host to No Doubt, Pink, Usher and Swedish House Mafia though it will be remembered for Billie Joe Armstrong's meltdown during Green Day's set. After smashing the band's instruments in protest of his set being cut short, Armstrong left the stage and was admitted to rehab the next day, cancelling his band's tour dates and promotional appearances. 

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Janelle Monae In Control, And Why The Grammy Awards 2013 Have A 'Significant Meaning' For Her

Janelle Monae Fun Big Boi Grammy Awards

Janelle Monae's career has skyrocketed over the past few years, leading to her being nominated for three Grammys in 2011 for Best R&B album and also for her collaboration with Big Boi. This year another collaboration, with Fun has catapulted her further from the peripheries of music and further into the view of the public. Speaking to Billboard she has explained how this year's awards meaning something entirely different to Grammy Awards gone by.

"This year's Grammys has a significant meaning," she says. "I was nominated before for my own work, you know, my own album and I had the opportunity to perform in 2011. That was a big moment for my career... This time around I'm there to support Fun. and we're there together. This is about team work; it's about collaborations and making people happy with our music. That means a lot; that's a big deal."

While team work is certainly an important part of her career - she's now top of the list for many artists to collaborate with - but just as importantly is her ability to have done that without compromise. When she started her career financial success wasn't a drive force, she says. "It was just to make music on my own terms or create my own image, do my own hair, do my own makeup. It's an artistic expression for me... That's why I'm here today, because I've been able to be in control of that." 

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Grammys Preview: Taylor Swift Plans To Avoid Carrie Underwood, Why?

Taylor Swift Carrie Underwood Frank Ocean Fun Mumford And Sons

Though Frank Ocean is going to win every award, it might be worth tuning in to the Grammy Awards this Sunday (February 10, 2013) if only to witness the possibility that Taylor Swift might bump into fellow country star Carrie Underwood. According to an insider, Grammy executives have been ordered to keep Swift, 23, and Underwood, 29, "from crossing paths." Their reason? "They hate each other!"

The feud appears to have begun when Underwood and Brad Paisley mocked Swift's split from Conor Kenned while hosting the Country Music Association Awards in November. "The greatest trade of the year had to be the Kennedy family. They somehow traded Arnold Schwarzenegger for Taylor Swift," Paisley joked about Swift dating the 65-year-old bodybuilder's nephew through marriage. When Underwood whispered in his ear that the young couple had split up, Paisley feigned disbelief "What? Why don't I ever hear about these things?...I'm the last one to know. Are they ever gonna get back together?" Underwood, of course, said, "Never, ever." The whole thing was rather cringe-worthy, but was enough to get Taylor's back up, according to the insider. A source close to the singer - known for writing songs about her failed relationships - told US Weekly magazine, "Taylor feels Carrie is always rude to her, so she steer clear of her."

It's set to be a big night for Swift in particular, who will open the show at Los Angeles' Staples Center on Sunday." What's interesting is we presented this performance to the Grammy committee . . . and they said, 'Okay, cool, you have a performance spot.' And then like a week ago they call us and are like, 'Oh, by the way, you're opening the show," Swift told Ryan Seacrest Thursday. Despite her prominent live slot, it's unlikely that Swift will walk away with anything too prestigious at the biggest night in music, with Frank Ocean, Fun, Mumford & Sons and Goyte likely to lead the charge for the major prizes. 

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55th Grammys Preview: 'Music's Biggest Night' Wont Fail To Impress

Grammy Awards Beyonce Knowles Prince Taylor Swift Maroon 5 Kelly Clarkson Florence and the Machine Frank Ocean Alicia Keys Elton John Ed Sheeran Bruno Mars Sting Jennifer Lopez Rihanna Justin Timberlake Justin Bieber Mumford And Sons Fun Black Keys Jack White

Annually, the Grammys is one of the biggest events for music across America and in Europe. In fact, it has dubbed itself 'music's biggest night'. Celebrating the best in pop, hiphop, soul, R&B and much of what comes in between, it never fails to be a veritable who's who from the Spotify playlists of the masses. And this year will be no different. Not only are the nominees ones to look out for, absences are worthy of note, as are this year's presenters and some very special performances.

As Yahoo report, this year's presenters include Grammy royalty, Prince, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez, all of whom have been nominated or won Grammys before.  

In terms of performances to look forward to, this year we have some unusual and largely unexpected pair ups. Elton John and Ed Sheeran will take to the stage together. An unusual pairing, they're both Brits with unusual song writing talent. While John is a true showman and is well known for his intereSting outfits and outrageous glasses, Sheeran is distinctly more low key. We're not sure how this is going to work, but we're guessing it'll be great. Bruno Mars, Sting and Rihanna will all also perform together, as will Alicia Keys and Maroon 5, and Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert. 

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Grammy 2013 Winners Predictions: Frank Ocean And The Black Keys Set To Ruin Fun?

Fun Black Keys Frank Ocean

An Adele-less Grammy Awards makes for a wide open field in 2013, with many pondering whose going to step up and fill the void that the all-conquering British singer filled last year. From considered opinions to manipulation of statistics, the consensus isn’t easy to gauge, though there seems to be a few trends emerging, namely that some think Fun. could make a surprise sweep, whilst others think Frank Ocean’s also likely to be among the headline makers come Sunday evening (February 10, 2013).

Fun. , lest we forget, are the only artists who have a chance of pulling off a sweep, given that they’re the only ones nominated in all four of the considered ‘big’ categories: record of the year, song of the year, album of the year and artist of the year, and with no other artist making a substantially better claim for pop dominance than their huge hit ‘We Are Young’ and subsequent album Some Nights, they could well be quids in.

Check out Fun's 'All The Pretty Girls' video

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Weighty Line-Up Announced For The Grammys; Rihanna, Taylor Swift And Fun Set To Play

Rihanna Taylor Swift Mumford And Sons Fun Black Keys LL Cool J

To say that the Grammys have attracted a star-studded line-up is a bit like saying there might be a couple of handy actors knocking around the Oscars next month. However, once again it is the crème de la crème of mainstream music that will be attending the annual music ceremony, with the first batch of performers being announced for the event on February 10, 2013.

Many of the nominees for this year’s 55th Grammy Awards are set to put in a turn performing. MTV reports that leading the list are six time nominees and the only act honored in each of the so-called Big Four categories, Record and Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Best New Artist, Fun. British folk duds Mumford & Sons will also perform – the group are also up for six categories this year - while five-time nominees the Black Keys and three-time nominees Rihanna and Taylor Swift will also be taking a turn each. Studded with stars as you can see.

LL Cool J’s been doing a pretty bang up job of hosting the huge event in recent years, and it’ll be he who once again guides everyone through the evening, with plenty more stars still to be confirmed to perform. Hopefully this will be a year where the event won’t be befallen by tragedy, as it did on the eve of last year’s when Whitney Houston passed away in her hotel room.

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Adele Named Billboard's Top Artist Of 2012

Adele One Direction Drake Maroon 5 Carly Rae Jepsen Fun Gotye

Adele has topped off yet another remarkable year by being named Billboard's top artis of 2012, whilst her second album, the hit 21, was named top album of the year in the music magazine's annual review.

The Brit singer, who also won six Grammys in February this year, was also crowned female artist of the year by the magazine too, with Canadian R&B artist Drake taking the male equivalent home. Meanwhile, fellow Brits and former X Factor contestants One Direction rounded off their phenomenally successful year by being named top new artist, but were beaten to the post of top group by Maroon 5.

In the singles department, the magazine deemed that Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know,' Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' and Fun's 'We Are Young' as the top three tracks in that order. Each of the lists are based on chart performance, as well as streaming and social data.

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Fun Times For Fun. As They Nab Six Grammy Nominations

Fun Jay Z Black Keys

Fun.'s dominance of the Grammy awards was mooted even before the nominations were announced, but steering clear of speculation, the band weren't listening to any of that, preferring to wait for the real thing.

"People told us, but only a total sh--head, would sit there and go 'Yeah, I think you're right,'" guitarist Jack Antonoff told MTV News. "In our case, the only thing we could do is shut ourselves off, and that's been our response this whole time." Fun., Jay-Z, Mumford & Sons, Frank Ocean and Kanye West top the 2013 Grammy nominations with six each, followed by the Black Keys and Miguel with five nods.

It's not just being nominated for a Grammy that sends a band into delirium, but in which category, too. And the fact that they're in contention for even one of the so-called 'big 4'; Album, Record and Song of the Year, plus Best New Artist, is more than an added bonus. "That's one thing that we cherish, because that's the torch that we are so proud to hold. We know it's rare, and ... it's easy to talk sh-- about this day and age of rock music, but you look back, it's been forever. It's hard to make it as a rock band on a certain level," Antonoff said. "And we believe in that, like, what it means to be a musician, and getting back to, just like, going to the store, buying instruments with your friends, and playing in the garage; that's the heart of being in a rock band, so to accomplish this, it's really special."

Various Artists - Christmas Rules Album Review

It's the most wonderful time of the year. That guy from the first series of Big Brother is starring as Dick Whittington's cat in the local pantomime, uncouth youths are pelting innocent people at bus stops with snowballs, and every café, store and doctor's office you go in you hear Noddy Holder screaming, "IT'S CHRISTMASSSSS!"   

Christmas Rules Album Review

Now, whether you're a fan of holiday music or not is irrelevant because, just like Brussels sprouts, it's an unavoidable staple of the festive season so you may as well just shut up, smile, and swallow it.  This "alternative" collection of time-honored classics and lesser-known ditties is brought to you by Hear Music, the label owned by Starbucks, and if I had to describe this album to you in one word, that one word would be, well, "Starbucks." 

The album gets off to a Fun start.  Not literally, it's just the band Fun covering Yuletide favorite 'Sleigh Ride'.  The fundamental problem with Fun's interpretation is that it doesn't sound like Christmas.  Unbelievably, some might say criminally, they didn't care to record the magical sound of sleigh bells.  It's all swirly synths and over-produced vocals and it doesn't make me want to drink mulled wine by the fire goddammit! 

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Grammy Nominations 2013: Who Will Win? Who SHOULD Win?

Mumford And Sons Black Keys Fun Frank Ocean Jack White Kelly Clarkson Janelle Monae Gotye Kimbra Taylor Swift Alabama Shakes Hunter Hayes The Lumineers Miguel Carly Rae Jepsen

The nominations for the 55th Grammy Award Nominations in 2013 have officially been announced by the award's organisers. Here’s a run down of some of the main awards, and our tips for Grammy's Glory.

Album Of The Year:

El Camino — The Black Keys

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A Week In Music Featuring: M83, The Rolling Stones, Fun., Justin Bieber And Much More

M83 Fun Alabama Shakes Band Of Horses Justin Bieber The Unthanks Billy Talent Gary Clark Jr Rolling Stones

A Week In Reviews... It's hard to believe that's it's been well over a year since M83 released their single 'Midnight City' and signalled their long-awaited move up to alternative music's big leagues. Going gold in America on sales, and featuring heavily on hit UK TV shot Made In Chelsea, the song precluded album Hurry Up We're Dreaming reaching the US album charts top 20. Our reviewer found that, with 2012 now drawing to a close, the French group's party was very much still in full swing. "'Midnight City', as expected, gets the biggest cheer of the night before an epic version of 'Couleurs' brings the set to a close, and if your mind wasn't already blown, this unbelievable wall of noise was the final knockout blow" he wrote in gushing praise.

Away from the live arena and back to the studio, former Mercury nominees The Unthanks doled out another uncompromising slab of their ethereal folk. The Unthanks Diversions Vol. 3Songs From The Shipyards is the group's third release within a year, and was initially a soundtrack to a film documenting their local North East England's shipbuilding industry history. Andrew Lockwood took this one on, and found a band in the form of their life seven albums into their career: "The album, as you might expect, is full of character and love" he wrote. "The songs are performed with great care and attention and each note stirs the emotions as it recounts a slice of Shipbuilding history. Regardless of whether you have seen the accompanying film this set of songs works wonderfully well and once again shows what a prodigious and prolific talent The Unthanks are."

A Week In Interviews... We managed to grab a chat with stalwart Canadian pop-punkers Billy Talent, a group still fizzing with energy with their 20th anniversary of existence just round the corner in 2013. David Straw chatted to the band formerly known as Pezz (they changed their name after legal issues in 1999) and chatted of tours, new albums and the US general election, finding the group in bullish mood on the eve of a show in Nottingham.

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Maroon 5 Hold 'Gangnam Style' At Number Two For Eighth Week With 'One More Night'

Maroon 5 Psy Christina Aguilera Rihanna Calvin Harris Fun Taylor Swift

Maroon 5's new single 'One More Night' stays at number one in the charts for the eighth week running, kicking Psy's 'Gangnam Style' to number two.

The pop band have also beaten their own record by doubling their previous hit 'Moves Like Jagger' featuring Christina Aguilera which remained at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for just four weeks. South Korean rapper Psy, whose hilarious hit 'Gangnam Style' originally hit the charts at number one has dropped to number two for its seventh week. Last week, the points between the two songs were scarce at just 600, but more and more listeners seem to be enjoying 'One More Night' as this week 2,000 points separate the two tunes. It is also in its fifth week on top of the Radio Songs chart while Psy still stands at the top on the Digital Songs and On-Demand Songs charts. The last seven week run at number one was Rihanna with 'We Found Love' featuring Calvin Harris in November and December 2011.

At number three is Fun.'s 'Some Nights' while 'Diamonds' by Rihanna goes from number five to number four. Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' is now at number five having survived three weeks at number one on its release.

Can 'Candy' Take The Crown? Robbie Williams Headed For Number One

Robbie Williams Gary Barlow Rylan Clark Greg James Labrinth Fun

Robbie Williams last scored a number one single in 2004 but the former Take That star looks as though he’s heading for the top of the charts this weekend 'with his latest single ‘Candy,’ according to It’s the first single to be taken from his forthcoming album Take The Crown and has sold 73,000 copies so far, since its release.

Sales will have been buoyed by his appearance on last week’s X Factor show, during which he joked with his Take That pal Gary Barlow about his support for the controversial contestant on the show, Rylan Clark. When he was asked by Radio One’s Greg James (who presents the station’s weekly official chart show) what he would do if he got the number one slot this Sunday (November 4, 2012), he replied that he would “stay in, look for UFOs, get fat and beardy again.” Robbie’s last number one single was ‘Radio,’ which coincided with the release of his Greatest Hits album in 2004. His ninth studio album, Take The Crown, will be released on November 5, 2012.

Last week, Labrinth and Emeli Sande’s duet ‘Our Version Of Events’ also hit the top spot, after they had performed live on X Factor, though they have slipped to third place, in the midweek charts analysis. The X Factor effect shouldn’t be underestimated. Fun have just leapt 29 places with ‘We Are Young’, after they also appeared on the TV talent contest in the UK.

Fun., Some Nights Album Review

Fun are doing things differently in their quest for stardom. Firstly, they're signed to 'Fueled By Ramen'; the notorious pop-punk label associated with Pete Wentz, Paramore and Brendon Urie and Co. However random it feels for an indie-pop band to be on their books, it's a testament to them that they can recognise a pretty special artist. Though track 'It Get's Better' has a punk-like chorus, highlighted in the angst attempting to escape through the thick twang of the American accent.

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Fun., Interview

Interview with Fun.

New York based indie band Fun release their second album 'Some Nights' on Monday after tremendous success with single 'We Are Young' topping the charts in the US as well as seizing high places in UK charts. spoke to band founder and vocalist Nate Ruess about his inspiration, his feelings about songwriting without playing an instrument and the US Chevy commercial.

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