Review of There Shall Be Love Album by Fun Da Mental

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6. Fun>Da>Mental There Shall Be Love (Album - Nation)
To eventually gain a thumbs-up from a legendary 74 year old Indian, classical musician (i.e. Ustad Shaggan), when years previously the adjective he had used to describe their music, was crap, proves that what Fun>Da>Mental are doing is beyond the confines of two dimensional modern music.
Listen to There Shall Be Love and their commitment is obvious. Main man, Aki Nawaz believes in innovation and breaking boundaries. His beliefs take him all over the world, collaborating with distinguished old hands such as Zamo Mhbuto in Johannesburg and Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali in Pakistan.
Although Nawaz embraces much of the Western worlds technology, the majority of Fun>Da>Mentals music is still very much based in the tradition of Bhangra, blues, Indian classical and Gospel. Indeed, other than the occasional electronic voice and the cross-pollination of sounds, such as an Indian vocal with a sixties Hammond, (Wandering Soul -which has to be heard to be believed) there is little else to justify a contemporary tag.
The dominant voice of the album is of the powerful percussion and drum patterns Tagai Soul and the breathtaking vocals Spy-Cat.
There Shall Be Love is more of a homage to traditional eastern music than an experiment in modern music, but its a one stop guide to discovering the fundamental niceties of a underestimated era and sound.