Former Fugees rapper Pras Michel almost lost his life last week (ends10Apr09) after he was caught up in the kidnapping of a U.S. sea captain by Somali pirates.
The Ghetto Superstar hitmaker took an interest in the problem of piracy off the African coast last summer (08) and decided to make a documentary about the subject.
And he was left fearing for his safety after finding himself in the midst of gunfire when buccaneers invaded the Maersk Alabama cargo ship and took Captain Richard Phillips hostage.
Michel, who immediately relocated to Ethiopia after the terrifying incident, tells CNN, "We were there last week when the captain got captured. We were supposed to actually meet with a couple of the pirates, but the capture happened so we had to retreat... There's a big anti-American sentiment going on (among the pirates) right now."
Phillips was imprisoned for five days before being rescued by Navy snipers on Sunday (12Apr09).
However, the kidnapping has not put Michel off plans to meet with the pirates - and in a post on his page on Wednesday (15Apr09), he revealed he was returning to Somalia to talk to the dissidents.
Calling for fans to pray for him, he wrote on the blog, "I'll try to keep all of you posted in Somalia if I dont get back here in at least three days then know something went down, but hopefully all your prayers will guide me down to the gateway of hell. ...We're supposed to go on one of the ships tomorrow!! It's on!!"