Review of The Chemistry Of Common Life Album by Fucked Up

Album review of The Chemistry Of Common Life by Fucked Up.

Fucked Up The Chemistry Of Common Life Album

Despite only forming only in 2002 (and swiftly casting aside countless self-releases), this Toronto based hardcore punk outfit have already released an astonishing 25 singles across various independent labels.

Now signed to indie giant Matador, The Chemistry Of Common Life is only the band's second album. Consisting of a massive array of multi-layered arrangements this release is a muscular, yet delightfully melodic outing.

Setting a high benchmark for everything that proceeds it, Fucked Up wreck havoc with a sea of guitars in the energetic opener 'Son The Father'. The band follow up the initial promise with epic numbers such as 'Black Albino Bones', 'Royal Swan' and the very melodic closer 'The Chemistry Of Common Life'. It's not all heavy, angry carnage mind, Fucked Up display a much more serene side to their persona with the wistful synthetic textures and a slow-burning chord progression in the purely instrumental 'Golden Seal', and the Canadian outfit produce another stripped down gem with distorted guitar and the abrasive soundscapes in 'Looking For God'.

A visionary hardcore punk release from a very promising band, Fucked Up's The Chemistry Of Common Life is an aggressive, epic and delightfully ambitious album. Highly recommended.

Colin Burrill

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