French Montana attended Kendall Jenner's 19th birthday bash.

The 'Don't Panic' hitmaker, who recently admitted he still has feelings for the model's older half-sister, Khloé Kardashian, following their split in September, was among a small number of guests at her house party in Los Angeles on Monday night (03.11.14), fuelling speculation he has rekindled his romance with the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star, 30.

Kendall shared a number of pictures, featuring the 29-year-old rapper, Khloé and her mother, Kris Jenner, from her festivities on Instagram today (04.11.14), with the caption: ''Last night was somethin (sic)''

French - real name Karim Kharbouch - also posted a photograph of himself with Kendall and another guest on his profile.

His attendance at the intimate soiree comes just days after the Moroccan-born star, who was allegedly spotted kissing newly-single model Amber Rose on Sunday night (02.11.14), admitted he still has feelings for Khloé and hinted they may have already rekindled their ''special relationship.''

He said: ''You never know, we might be together. We might not. It's a great thing to keep it in the air.

''Our relationship - you break up you make up, you break up you make up. We went through that a couple times. You never know.''

He added: ''She's my baby forever. She's good. She's the best. There's no bad blood with her. I love how she is. She inspires me as a person. I'm sure I inspire her in many different ways. We just have that special relationship. Right now we're in a special zone... She's a beautiful person. I don't think a lot of people know how beautiful she is.''

Khloé reportedly split from French after six months of dating because she thought he had become too dependent on her.