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French Kicks
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French Kicks Swimming Album

This is Washington, DC based band French Kicks' fourth full length release, swimming continues their journey into post-punk space. French Kicks history would comfortably sit somewhere along the lines of a gentler Walkmen or less poppy Cold War Kids, it's a shame that 'Swimming' seems to feature less quality songs like featured on their earlier records, the first half of the album is very promising, though it appears they haven't paid so much attention to the second.

French Kicks seem to have created an album of 'style over substance', the overall sound is one that's too indistinctive, each track shares the same signature. After the first 5 tracks, you're best off turing it off and switching on something else, and savour the quality bits.

Swimming seems to move into quite a joyless album, it sounds like the band were pressured to get a record out rather than taking enough time to hone their sound like the first records.

When Abandon, Carried Away and Said So What, are finished there's little a feel of no real significance. Evidently the genre isn't an limitless seam of aural gold.


Mike Rea

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