Freida Pinto has an ''obscene'' number of shoes.

The 'Slumdog Millionaire' beauty admits to an obsession with footwear and has so many different pairs she can't count them all.

She told Harper's Bazaar Arabia: ''They're my biggest obsession but I don't even know how many I have.

''It's a bit obscene for me, but I'm sure there are people that have way more.

''It's really weird though, because my love for shoes isn't because I want to wear them all. I mean, there are only so many days in the year, so it's impossible to wear all of them, but I have them because they're so beautiful, like works of art, and I love looking at them.''

The Indian starlet and model was plucked from obscurity to win a lead role in Danny Boyle's 'Slumdog Millionaire', which went on to win eight Oscars, although she says she doesn't always feel pretty.

She said: ''I was at an event with [model] Karlie Kloss last year and it was horrible standing next to her. She's a beautiful lady and I felt like a little ant.''

Freida also says she felt like a star for the first time when she was dressed for the the premiere of her most famous film by Chanel.

She added: ''It was amazing that the brand believed in me, and I felt very, very lucky. If you wear Chanel to a premiere, you feel like you've kinda made it.''

Alongside Freida, another notable collector of shoes is Imelda Marcos, the former Philippine fist lady, who at one point had a collection numbering 3,000 pairs.