Freida Pinto went to rehab to prepare for her next role.

The 29-year-old actress is set to play a heroin addicted Iranian artiste in forthcoming 'Desert Dancer' and visited facilities in the US to help come to terms with the ways in which people overcome their addiction.

A source told the Hindustan Times newspaper: ''A month prior to the start of the film in America (shooting started in December 2013), Freida attended sessions at rehabilitation centres to meet recovering drug addicts.

''She went to about five sessions, where those who've been recouping for long chatted with her about their journey of beginning to consume heroin to enrolling themselves in therapy.''

She will be joined on screen Reece Ritchie who plays the male lead Afshin Ghaffarian in the film which follows his story as he risked his life to fight for his dream to become a dancer, after teaching himself moves using video sharing site YouTube.

'Desert Dancer' which is set in Iran, will be directed by Richard Raymond, and is tipped for release at the end of the year.