Free bassist Andy Fraser is desperate to reunite with bandmates for a one-off concert - but the other two surviving members are less than enthusiastic. Fraser is convinced it's the perfect time for a get-together, especially as a new DVD of their live footage, titled FREE FOREVER, is being released this month (SEP06). But singer PAUL RODGERS is reluctant to agree, because "it wouldn't be the same" without late guitarist PAUL KOSOFF, who died in 1976 of a drug-induced heart attack. Fraser says, "When we were approached about being interviewed because the DVD was in the making, I called Paul and (drummer) SIMON (KIRKE) to ask about doing a concert and filming it for a DVD for all the people who wouldn't be able to attend. It's been 30-40 years, and one concert wouldn't hurt. "Simon was into it, Paul wasn't and didn't attend the launch party either. His stated reason was, 'It wouldn't be the same without Koss."