'Best In Show' star Fred Willard looks like he'll be escaping prosecution over a lewd act he was arrested for last Wednesday. It was widely reported that the incident occurred in the Tiki Theatre in Hollywood; officials undertaking a random walk-through - which they are fully obliged to do - allegedly caught the veteran actor with his pants down. Willard has since been sacked by PBS from his role in 'Antiques Roadshow'-style program 'Market Warriors', whilst he has also talked to TMZ and has been protesting his innocence.

However after all that it looks like he's going to get let off relatively lightly. The Los Angeles Times reports that the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office has determined that Willard's case is eligible for a diversion program, keeping the star out of jail. If it goes through, he'll pay $380 to go through a series of courses that could take in any number of issues from decision-making to sex-related crimes. A spokesperson told the Times' LA Now "I want to stress this was and is a fileable case, and should the defendant choose not to enroll or not complete the program, we have the option of filing criminal charges within a year." But should he complete the course? "We will consider the matter closed," the spokesperson said.

On Thursday, Willard's attorney PAUL TAKAKJIAN had told the same publication "With all due respect to the individual officer, our belief [is] that Fred did nothing in any violation of any law. We will be working vigorously to clear his name in this matter." All of which begs the question, have PBS acted too hastily by firing him?