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Fred Willard Died From Heart Attack

Fred Willard died from a heart attack.The veteran comic actor passed away last month at the age of 86 and his death certificate has now been issued, listing the immediate cause of death as cardiac...

Fred Willard Was Like A Christmas Tree In June, Says Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel has likened Fred Willard to a ''Christmas tree in June''.The 52-year-old chat-show host has paid a heartfelt tribute to the late actor, who died of natural causes at the age of 86 on...

'A Master Of Sketch Comedy': Fred Willard Dies Aged 86

Fred Willard has died aged 86.The iconic actor and comedian passed away on Friday (15.05.20) from natural causes, his representative Glenn Schwartz has confirmed.And in a statement, his daughter Hope Mulbarger said: ''My father passed...

Fred Willard On Adult Theater Arrest: The Movie Was Lousy!

According to Fred Willard, the absolute worst thing about the events last week that saw him arrested for allegedly exposing himself in a movie theater wasn't the embarrassment of being caught -it was that the...

Fred Willard Must Get Counselling To Avoid Criminal Trial

Fred Willard, the star of 'Anchorman', must attend a "diversion program" if he wishes to avoid a criminal trial after being arrested for allegedly engaging in a "lewd act" at an adult movie theater. According...

Pbs Defends Decision To Sack Fred Willard After Arrest

The head of Pbs has defended the decision to sack 'Anchorman' star Fred Willard as narrator of its 'Market Warriors' series following his arrest for alleged lewd conduct. Speaking at the Television Critics Association's summer...

Fred Willard Set To Avoid Prosecution Over Alleged Lewd Act

'Best In Show' star Fred Willard looks like he'll be escaping prosecution over a lewd act he was arrested for last Wednesday. It was widely reported that the incident occurred in the Tiki Theatre in...

Fred Willard Blames Embarassing Arrest On 'Misunderstanding'

Fred Willard, the 'Anchorman' star who was arrested for a "lewd act" at a Hollywood adult cinema, says the whole thing was a misunderstanding. The 72-year-old was reportedly sacked from his work on a television...

Fred Willard Arrested In 'Random' Search On Adult Theater

Fred Willard's arrest at the Tiki adult theater in Hollywood came after police conducted a random "walk through" of the premises. The 'Anchorman' star was arrested for lewd conduct after he was caught exposing his...

Fred Willard Arrested For Lewd Act In Adult Theater

Fred Willard has been arrested after being caught - quite literally - with his pants down in a Hollywood adult theater. According to law enforcement sources, undercover vice officers went into the Tiki Theater in...

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