Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos refuses to discuss his personal life in interviews after an obsessive fan used information he'd revealed against him.
The Take Me Out singer won't go into details about what the "crazy stalker fan" found out about him, or how he thwarted her efforts to expose the information - but the experience made him much more careful about what he tells interviewers.
Kapranos explains, "I had a really horrible experience a couple of years ago. Some crazy stalker fan got access to some really personal details of my life.
"The idea that there are people who aren't just satisfied with listening to the music - that they want to suck out the very essence of my soul, like some vampire - made me want to withdraw further."
He tells Spin magazine, "I've decided I can't talk about certain parts of my personal life... It's very difficult for me because I have this desire to be honest and open."