Review of 3 Little Words EP by Frankmusik

EP review of 3 Little Words by Frankmusik.

Frankmusik 3 Little Words EP

Vincent Frankmusik releases his first single '3 Little Words' on Island. It's a feel good single that even though I think I should loath it can't help but like it. I think it's because even though it could be deemed as cheesy pop dance music it does has more than an obvious riff, it does uplift me, even though I don't like to admit it, so he's got the formula right. 'Better Off As Two' on the single is pretty much the same formula and has the same effect. 'Run Away From Trouble' also on the single is slower paced and deep in an emotive way. So he's got a sound that could be popular but isn't cheesy in the obvious sense. An accomplished pianist and singing with heart felt honesty Frankmusik is making palatable dance music that genuinely hits a soulful spot and creates a reflective mood.

Tareck Ghoneim

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