Former Frankie Goes To Hollywood frontman Holly Johnson has ruled out a reunion with his bandmates after a violent fight ripped the pop band apart.
The Relax hitmakers rocketed to fame after scoring a string of hits in the 1980s, but they fell apart due to growing tensions.
And singer Johnson admits he knew he was through with the group when a bandmate challenged him to a fistfight.
He recalls, "The defining moment when I knew I wanted to leave was when one of the band members lashed out at me. He literally had to be dragged off by other people and I thought, 'Well that's the end of the line.' I can't tolerate physical violence."
The 49 year old insists he has now put aside his differences with the group - but he has no intention of staging a reunion.
He says, "I enjoyed the early days of dressing up, that feeling of togetherness that you have and having our first number one and all those things but there will never be a reunion... I bear no ill will towards them. I do think it's great that bands like Spandau Ballet have reformed and if they can overcome their differences, all get on together and have that stamina to do the arena tour, then more power to them."