Frankie Cocozza has been hired by MTV to become the host of the behemothic coming together of both the US and UK's 'Super Sweet 16,' the show where some of the most spoilt and over privileged teenagers in the Western hemisphere kick, scream and rant as their parents run around tearfully trying to make sure that their little prince and princesses get even more than everything they desire.
They might well get more than they desire as well given Cocozza's notorious past; the 18 year-old was famously kicked out of the UK's 'X Factor' as a contestant after being caught boozing and alledgly taking drugs, so we daren't imagine what sort of ideas he has for a Super Sweet 16 "party." The UK's Daily Mirror reports that Cocozza will present 'Super Sweet 16 Uk vs US' with the program pitching kids from each side of the Atlantic in a competition to host the most elaborate parties. Sounds great.
Producers have described the show as "the ultimate transatlantic party clash," and marks another baffling step in the right direction for Cocozza who, following his dismissal from 'X Factor' went on to appear in 'Celebrity Big Brother' and only narrowly missed out to the victor Denise Welch. Denise Welch? Squealing kids? Some folks get all the luck.