Frankie Boyle, the Glaswegian comedian who says he is "all for" an independent Scotland, will host an online show of stand-up and discussion hours after the country casts its vote today.

Alex SalmondAlex Salmond will be hoping for a Yes vote

The comic, who predicted independence "won't happen", will front Frankie Boyle's Referendum Autopsy for the BBC, mixing stand-up comedy with discussion about the result in front of a live audience in Glasgow. 

The BBC said the programme would "analyse the campaign, scrutinise the celebrity endorsements, dissect the part that social media played in the lead up to the vote and take a satirical look at how the news at home and abroad covered the event".

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Boyle is essentially persona non-grata at Channel 4 after a hugely controversial comedic past on TV, so it's somewhat ironic at the 44-year-old is returning to the BBC, a corporation far less liberal in its programming. The comedian event criticised the corporation for its apparent bias in its coverage of the referendum.

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Victoria Jaye, head of TV content, BBC iPlayer, said: "The Scottish Referendum is one of the most significant political events of our time and we want [the] BBC iPlayer to draw on the power of comedy to reflect on its outcome in a special, one-off event.

"Frankie is uniquely placed to create this for us, as one of the leading voices in modern satire."

Ruth Phillips, the executive producer for production company Zeppotron, said: "We'll see Frankie both venting at his brilliant best and also challenged on his views, all to great comic effect."

Boyle made his name on Channel 4's panel show Mock the Week, though fell out of favour with the broadcaster after making numerous ill-judge jokes, most famously about Katie Price's son.

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