Frankie Boyle's company Gentleman Artist pulled in almost £1.8 million for the last financial year. The Glaswegian comic's popularity has skyrocketed since Mock the Week and his nationwide tours regularly sell out.

Frankie BoyleFrankie Boyle famously called the BBC's Jeremy Clarkson a "cultural tumour"

According to the Scottish Sunday Mail, the company had assets of £1,795,845 with £1.2 million in the bank and £545,000 owed by debtors.

Boyle, 42, owes £29,732 to unnamed credits, leaving him with shareholder's funds of £1,766,114. 

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The comedian formed Gentleman Artist after putting his previous company, Traskor Productions - which had assets of £2.5 million - into voluntary liquidation. The move prompted Boyle to defend his financial arrangements, saying he had paid £2.7 million in tax in 2007 - around 40 per cent of his income.

"There's a lot of things people do to avoid paying tax and I don't do any of them," he said.

"I wound my company up for legal reasons separate from tax and my accountant applied for tax relief on this.

"I am certain I pay more tax than most people in showbusiness and the cabinet."

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Boyle is also a director of events company Salt N' Sauce Promotions, which has assets of more than £1 million.

It was announced this week that Boyle will front a new BBC show based on the upcoming election. Frankie Boyle's Election Autopsy will air on the BBC iPlayer the week after polling day. The BBC said the show would see Boyle making "a series of bold and often outrageous statements about the vote".

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