Frank Turner has announced his final Independent Venue Love show after raising around £250,000.

The 'I Still Believe' singer has confirmed his live show series - which recently made a comeback after he spent much of lockdown last year helping out venues at risk due to the pandemic - will come to an end again this week.

Announcing this week's benefit for The Lexington in London, he wrote in a blog post: "I’ve decided that it’s time to pause the shows again for the time being.

"Like the last time I did that, it feels like my own wells of energy and creativity are running low for these shows, and I want to focus on other things for a while (I’m finishing off my own studio among other things, am working on a new album, and I’m planning for how to move forward as and when lockdown eases up here in the UK)."

The 39-year-old musician noted that venues are still in need of support and the Music Venue Trust's campaign is still going strong.

Frank noted how special and significant the livestream shows have been for him personally during such a difficult time for people in the industry.

He added: "Obviously, independent venues need help; obviously I owe my career in large part to small rooms up and down the country (and around the world) where a few hundred people can gather together and immerse themselves in underground music and culture; and obviously, if I can help, I will. It feels like the least I can do.

"More than that, though, it’s given me structure and routine, two things I need to have in my life to keep myself on an even keel mentally.

"A lot of people have said to me that the regular Thursday night gatherings, as ersatz as they might be, have been helpful to them. To which I can only say, 'I know what you mean, friends.' "

Noting his fans have donated "around £250,000" over the previous 20 livestreams, Turner will return for The Lexington benefit on Thursday (25.02.21) with his wife Jess Guise opening the night and choosing her husband's setlist.